Let America Compete in Cannabis

An Open Letter to Policymakers


During a period of profound political divide and social inequality, there is one issue the country as a whole has agreed upon. Republicans and Democrats across the nation polled at least 60% in favor of nationwide legalization, a figure that indicates bi-partisan support that exists literally nowhere else in the current political landscape.

America has the truly unique capacity to be the world’s leader in high quality, regulated, medical grade and recreational cannabis. Colorado has provided a politically viable model that allows for responsible consumption of cannabis while improving the state’s educational budget which ensures that the people of Colorado truly benefit from Colorado business. Colorado is hardly the only state in the union that struggles under budget problems. America doesn’t have to internationally rank 30th in math, 23rd in science, and continue to be underfunded and overcrowded. We can do better, and this is a politically and economically viable model for improving the country.
The wave of crime that was predicted prior to legalization was, of course, fictional. In fact, violent crime decreased across the board. Overall usage of marijuana has even dropped among teens. And as legalization in the states grows, the interminable stranglehold of the cartels will weaken on our neighbors to the south and ultimately make North America a safer place to travel and do business.
We don’t have to be a nation defined only by our disagreements. Americans have found common ground in Cannabis. Instead of causing confusion amongst the states and federal government with a hodge-podge of often conflicting laws, let’s reschedule cannabis and unleash the full force of American innovation and capitalism on the cannabis market.
We aren’t just a nation of consumers, we are a nation of brilliant scientists, diligent farmers, and innovative businessmen and women with the greatest capacity for rapid adoption, growth and export the world has ever seen. American cannabis stocks are currently adrift in the world of penny stocks, beset by scams, shady business practices, and constant fear of SEC halts. It doesn’t have to be that way. We will see companies become global titans of cannabis, and they will be American, if they are only given the chance to fairly compete in the market.
We owe it to ourselves and future generations of Americans to get this one right. Let’s use this fleetingly rare moment of consensus to do something good for the world. End the war on marijuana and declare America open for business.

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