Midnight in DC: Legal Cannabis in the Capital

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From the Editor, 25 February 2015, 7:30PM CST

 In a few hours, cannabis will be legal in Washington D.C., as approved by an overwhelming majority (64%) of voters in November. The Republican controlled Congress maneuvered to prevent city officials if they tried to “use funds to implement” the new law, but that has simply had the ironic effect of blocking regulation, not blocking the democratic vote of the people.

So at midnight, we will see a truly historic event. For the first time, America will wake up with cannabis legal in the Capital city, but still federally illegal. This type of hypocrisy surely will not stand the test of time, and is most certainly a milestone in the battle against prohibition. Nobody is exactly sure how this will shake out, though. If police continue to make arrests for possession, prosecutors will have a difficult time landing a conviction with that law on the books. Moreover, any D.C. defense attorney worth her salt will be jumping at the chance to defend one of these cases.

Moreover, D.C. possession will actually be far less restrictive than in the states that have adopted legalization policies. While consumption is still banned in public and on federal land, citizens can possess up to two ounces and can give up to an ounce as a gift. Even better, adults may grow and maintain up to six plants at home; though only three mature at any one time.

Thanks to the citizens of D.C. for voting for positive, common sense change. Prohibition is on its way out, as people of the nation see that a world with cannabis is actually pretty great. And thank you for joining us on this historic journey, we’re with you all the way.

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