Price Index Associates LLC is an Oregon-based cannabis research firm. The company has collected and published the most comprehensive source of cannabis industry data points in the marketplace. As the industry evolves, this information will be increasingly important to investors and businesses for making accurate market predictions. will continue to bring you the best-in-class information available for investors and businesses so that we can grow the industry together.

PriceIndexAssociatesLogo1MJChartsWithoutShadow is privately held and wholly owned by Price Index Associates LLC.

For nearly two years we have collected consumer price and market share data on the legal cannabis and hemp industries in the U.S. and around the world. Currently, we have collected nearly ten million original data points.

Our mission as a company is to provide research and education that brings together cannabis industry leaders, the business community, and state and local governments in as best a way we can. To this end, we at Price Index Associates LLC (PIA) see ourselves playing a central role in assisting these entities, as well as personal investors and recreational users, in understanding and navigating the emerging cannabis and industrial hemp industries. We feel that PIA is quickly becoming a critical resource with regard to data collection, traceability, standardization, compliance, and taxation.

We offer authoritative and insider’s working knowledge of the cannabis and hemp industries, and can serve as a powerful consulting resource with innovative and well researched ideas on relevant subjects such as:

1) Standardization ProtocolsMJCharts Chart

2) Seed-to-Sale Traceability

3) Existing Black Market VS. Emerging Legal Market

4) Inventory Tracking

5) Potential Tax Revenue

6) Individual Compliance

7) Wholesale & Volume Metrics

As well as services such as:

1) Data sharing

2) Advertising

3) Research

4) Risk Assessment Reports

5) Consulting

PIA is an Oregon based company that understands the concerns of the investment community with regards to the legalization of both cannabis and hemp. PIA has long standing relationships within the cannabis industry. We pride ourselves on transparency, with a proven track record as trusted experts in data collection in this growing market. Our hope is to continue pushing the cannabis sector towards complete transparency and providing beneficial and intelligent industry information for all those interested.

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This article was written by Price Index Associates LLC Senior Partner / CEO Noah J. Persin for You can contact Mr. Persin directly by emailing him at [email protected]. You can find more of his writing on the cannabis industry at the MJCharts weblog.