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Trends in the New Frontier – Q1 Marijuana Industry Review

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Q1 Industry Report - Key Developments & Growth Projections for the Legal Marijuana Industry 

New Frontier’s research reports offer a new perspective on the fast evolving cannabis industry. Our analysis leverages data from a wide variety of sources, including: businesses operating in the industry, federal, state, and municipal government agencies, and consumer research.

Our industry analysts, econometricians, and strategists use a variety of analytical tools, including a patented, proprietary Four Dimensional Modeling technique, to gain rich new insight into key trends, developments, and opportunities in the industry. Our approach is focused on:

• Objectivity: We do not take a position on the issues we cover. We instead use rigorous analysis to understand the implications for the audiences we serve.

• Rigor: We apply the highest standards of data sourcing and quality management, and best practices in research and analysis to produce superior results.

• Actionability: Our analysis always includes an assessment of the strategic implications of our findings and actionable recommendations for

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